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That's how many companies were recently asked "what are your top marketing challenges?"

Generating traffic and leads was the top challenge for more than 2,800 of those companies.

Although content consumption on Facebook has increased 57% in the last two years and Google processes more than two trillion searches a year, competition for people's attention online is incredibly fierce.

And even when people do visit a company's website, most of them are going to leave without taking any action. That's why only about 22% of companies are satisfied with their conversion rates.

Traffic Quality is the Key

Huge media companies like The Washington Post and BuzzFeed publish hundreds of stories every day. The reason is their business models rely on advertising. For every other company that doesn't rely on advertising revenue, publishing content at such a prolific pace simply isn't necessary.

Instead, identifying a target audience is a better way to start generating traffic. When a company takes the time to pinpoint the people who are most likely to become customers, their online marketing efforts will be far more focused and effective. These efforts should include creating the best content possible for that target audience.

Once a company has published at least a few pieces of highly targeted content, they can optimize both the content and rest of their website for email signups. This is a critical element of online marketing that many companies overlook. For most eCommerce and other websites, the likelihood of converting a first-time visitor into a customer is less than one percent.

Why Email is the Stepping Stone to More Sales

So when companies are focused on generating traffic with the intent of immediately converting that traffic into sales, they're fighting an uphill battle. But when the initial conversion goal is email list signups instead of customers, it becomes much easier to turn even a relatively small amount of traffic into a strong pipeline of leads.

As this type of email list is being built, online marketing automation strategies like drip emails can be used to build trust with this highly targeted audience. Once trust is established, closing sales and generating referrals online becomes far easier.

How We Can Help

The process we outlined is the best way to generate the right kind of traffic and successfully convert that traffic into customers. However, going from identifying a target audience to using online marketing automation strategies to close sales and generate referrals can present a lot of challenges along the way. Navigating those challenges is exactly where we can help.

With a combined background of B2B sales and online marketing, along with starting and growing an online shoe brand together, we can use our experience with

to help your company grow.

Get in touch with us now to discuss your current challenges with generating the right kind of traffic and successfully converting that traffic into customers.